Beefy Profile

Beefy is a simple bear, and like most simple bears – enjoys simple things. It is because he is simple, but mainly because he is a bear, that he was designated the position of raid tank – forced to fend off the forces of evil with nothing but his face. Proceeding the events of Isen’s epic snowman creation disaster, Beefy was the very being that found the result of Isen’s twisted, (also very disturbing), experiment… And also fell in love with her.



Without order, there is chaos. Without strategy, there is failure. Without Nozza, there are just a bunch of unsupervised children running around using the Turkey Gun, or Swapblasters to bring about absolute destruction to The Syndicate. Nozza is the guild and raid leader. Shamanistic in nature, Nozza is constantly seen carrying around his trustworthy Doomhammer, which also plays a symbolic role in establishing order within the guild.


Isen Profile

Isen is a master of arcane magic. He refuses to verbally acknowledge any other form of magic even though he has a secret and sensual lust for frost magic. He often dabbles in trickery and mischief, although his personality is more that of a mature and elevated status.



Little is known about the history of why Lok is an albino turkey. Perhaps there is a deep and sophisticated backstory with so much mind boggling action that no mere mortal could even attempt to comprehend… Or perhaps he just pissed off Nozza to the point that the special poultry rank was created for him. Either way, Lok specializes in 2 things – healing and laying bricks.


Grish Profile

No boss encounter would be complete without tunnel vision and a berserk tank! Luckily, Grish represents the best of both worlds! Diving head first into battle, our Blood Death Knight friend has no problem in sacrificing his group, (especially mages), to achieve victory in battle.


Evo Profile

Evo is a pure evil result of a disturbing scientific experiment conducted by a certain mad and magical scientist obsessed with injecting life into snowman humanoids. After the most recent failed attempt, the life-drained residue was bound together by the forces of shadow, which inevitably gave life to this small monstrous being. Evo seeks absolute destruction of all life on Azeroth and beyond. Although Evo is usually carrying knives, explosives, and firearms at her disposal, she is in fact a Warlock at heart.


Scorp Profile

Scorp, also dubbed the “Scape Goat,” was once a humble scholar, dabbling in the magical arts under the watchful eyes of his master, Isen. As fate would have it, Scorp was turned into a goat by his master with intention to resolve guild conflict once and for all. The effects of this spell have never worn off.


On an everlasting quest to seek fortune and glory, Sarstra will face every challenge set before her even if it means stepping on people to reach her goals. Though her thirst is insatiable, her cute charm and wit make up for it.