I made this piece when I was learning how generate digital media.  This piece was made via special request – Here you go, Aimtarded n_n thank you for your support.

Butter Comics Series Update

Greetings my buttery subjects! It brings me great joy to see your love and support for Butter Comics! Thank you all. I have some news regarding the main comic book series that you all have come to love so much. To make room for the expansion of the Butter Comics empire, I have relabelled the main series to, “The Syndicate – By Butter comics.” This change will allow for future side-series comics. Once again, thank you all for your continued support for Butter Comics! 🙂


Isen Profile

Isen is a master of arcane magic. He refuses to verbally acknowledge any other form of magic even though he has a secret and sensual lust for frost magic. He often dabbles in trickery and mischief, although his personality is more that of a mature and elevated status.



Little is known about the history of why Lok is an albino turkey. Perhaps there is a deep and sophisticated backstory with so much mind boggling action that no mere mortal could even attempt to comprehend… Or perhaps he just pissed off Nozza to the point that the special poultry rank was created for him. Either way, Lok specializes in 2 things – healing and laying bricks.